End of Days

This poem is based my dream and the items in parentheses I physically felt…

End of Days

I saw the end of days
The skies darken
(I heard wings flapping)
The vultures swarming
Clinging to walls
Waiting for you to fall
From His Grace

I saw an Angel
Fighting with every breath
Swinging the sword
Of His word
(I heard it clashing)
Slaying evil dead

I saw evil
Crawling out from the earth
(Felt its breath)
Spewing blood with its hiss
Sent by its master
To seal your fate
In deaths eternal kiss

I saw the unfaithful
Run and hide
(I felt their fear)
From deep inside
I heard their prayers
Too late
Their selfish pride
In death
They cannot hide

I saw the flames
(Felt the fire)
Of hell
Heard the screams
Watched as they fell

I saw death
Take it’s prize
It’s thunderous sound
(I heard it loud)
Opened the ground
The darkest souls
Swallowed whole

I watched the battle
(from a dream)
It was surreal
When I woke
I was surprised to find
It was all
Just images
In my mind


In the stillness of night
Thoughts clear and distractions cease
A somber reality revisits the day’s events
Words spoken
Actions taken
And cues missed
Focuses on a lost opportunity
Pushing aside all else and dismissing the beauty of what was lived
Repeating the cycle of dissatisfaction
Tumbling you into a restless sleep
With an uneasy partner
Called regret
© Violet

Autumn of life

There is a place within me that’s old
It’s golden hues mellow yesteryear
Days and times since long gone
Cloud my vision
Soften my thoughts
And I ache for it
Friends long since passed
And youth, long since fled
Simple things
Simpler life
That changed without notice
As days meld into each other
And the years converge
The body ages
Beauty and strength slowly fade
And the mind denies the passing of time
As the longing beats faster
Locked within my head
Are the colors of my youth
Bright and vibrant
A breath of fresh air
I remember with a lone tear
© Violet


I want to step outside my skin
And breathe air
Free of obligations and expectations
Fresh air, crisp with newness
Without the weight of pressures

I want to fill my lungs with dreams
I’ve long forgotten
To force my veins to excrete
The poison of the mundane
That’s trapped me unawares

I want this body to feel
To respond anew
With a smile of innocence
And the comfort of fragility
That is webbed
Encaged within my years
© Violet